Long Term Server

This is the beginning. Come and Join Us. Download the full client and Register to get a freebies.

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Custom Items

Experience the new BloodAngel Gear.

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Awesome Community

Let's Bring Bring Back the Old Times. This is our Battle Grounds . Let's play and have some fun. Happy gaming to all of us.

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Simple Guide

Guide Summary

Where you can get Credit Points Ingame?


Quiz Event - 2CP / 3CP 
Devil Square - 1CP / 3CP + Random Reward like OSMU Special BOX
Chaos Castle - 1CP / 3CP + Random Reward like OSMU Special BOX
Blood Castle - 1CP / 3CP + Random Reward like OSMU Special BOX
Lottery Event - 1CP / 3CP

where you can hunt good items?

Erohim - All ancient and socketed Items up to Supreme  & Darkangel+ (3WCC)
Selupan - All Socketed Items up to Supreme + (1WCC)
Kundun - All Ancient Up to Darkangel + (2WCC)

OSMU Special BOX - All items including limited items like xmas and halloween.

Where to Get OSMU Special Box? (LOT,Prize on Chaos Castle,Blood Castle and Devil Square) and prize from GM Events.

Medusa(VIP) - Same drop of OSMU Special Box

What is mreset ingame? Just type /mreset

50 Reset = 1GR 
Every /mreset = 25WcoinP
You can use your WcoinP to buy GM Gift 
Price: 5WcoinP per box / case

GM Gift - You can loot and collect specific classic buff item.


You can join in our discord channel: https://discord.gg/jHdmXCD

or in our Official Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/oldsquadmu

News / Updates will be posted there

Also you can find the full guides there.