Long Term Server

This is the beginning. Come and Join Us. Download the full client and Register to get a freebies.

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Custom Items

Experience the new BloodAngel Gear.

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Awesome Community

Let's Bring Bring Back the Old Times. This is our Battle Grounds . Let's play and have some fun. Happy gaming to all of us.

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Simple Guide

Guide Summary

Where you can get Credit Points Ingame?


Quiz Event - 2CP / 3CP 
Devil Square - 1CP / 3CP
Chaos Castle - 1CP / 3CP
Blood Castle - 1CP / 3CP
Lottery Event - 1CP / 3CP

where you can hunt good items?

Erohim - Up to Full Option Socketed Items
Selupan - Up to Full Option Socketed Items
Kundun - Up to Full Option Tier1 Items
Medusa(VIP) - Up to Full Option Tier1 Items

What is mreset ingame? Just type /mreset

50 Reset = 1GR 
Every /mreset = 25WcoinP
You can use your WcoinP to buy GM Gift / Old Jewelry Case in XSHOP
Price: 5WcoinP per box / case

GM Gift - Drop Up to Full Option Tier2 Items (VIP Player higher chance)
Old Jewelry Case - Drop Up to Full Option Tier1 Items (VIP Player higher Chance)


It's up to you if you will do /mreset or not.
If you reach the 2K Reset you can do the Custom Quest (Side Window)
You can get Custom Wings, Tier2 Items, T2 Set all full options.

Of course it will not be easy.

Hardwork is the key!

Published by Administrator, September 28, 2020