Long Term Server

This is the beginning. Come and Join Us. Download the full client and Register to get a freebies.

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Custom Items

Experience the new BloodAngel Gear.

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Awesome Community

Let's Bring Bring Back the Old Times. This is our Battle Grounds . Let's play and have some fun. Happy gaming to all of us.

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TOP Rankings
1Grand MasterxKAPOTx378324,500Karutan 2
2Grand MasterSamael407324,364Karutan 2
3Grand MasterWizzardy1354273,584Barracks of Balgass
4High ElfMazikeen273199,811Karutan 2
5Blade MasterONLiNE586188,708Arena
6Blade MasterPVPSTAR47182,742Arena
7High ElfElfNgLife460177,922Barracks of Balgass
8Grand MasterSALUTE522167,020Barracks of Balgass
9Blade MasterTAGALABA356156,649Barracks of Balgass
10Blade MasterTAGAHIWA318136,609Barracks of Balgass
11Grand MasterChupekwa560130,354Barracks of Balgass
12Dimension MasterSUMMS291125,859Crywolf Fortress
13Blade MasterFourth255125,356Karutan 2
14Blade MasterFARMERIST353125,178Barracks of Balgass
15Blade MasterSecond505103,796Crywolf Fortress
16Blade MasterSixth313100,931Crywolf Fortress
17High ElfGUARDiAN52597,058Karutan 2
18Grand MasterGRiNDERS50493,487Karutan 2
19Blade MasterFifth57693,453Barracks of Balgass
20Grand MasterFARMERISH49589,917Barracks of Balgass
21Grand MasterMAGICSAR56085,827Barracks of Balgass
22High ElfsELF58473,147Barracks of Balgass
23Blade MasterStrength43272,379Barracks of Balgass
24Blade MasterThird64069,949Crywolf Fortress
25Blade MasterFirst3466,944Arena