Long Term Server

This is the beginning. Come and Join Us. Download the full client and Register to get a freebies.

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Custom Items

Experience the new BloodAngel Gear.

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Awesome Community

Let's Bring Bring Back the Old Times. This is our Battle Grounds . Let's play and have some fun. Happy gaming to all of us.

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TOP Rankings
1Grand MasterxKAPOTx282246,202Karutan 2
2Grand MasterSamael510245,381Karutan 2
3Blade MasterONLiNE383166,515Arena
4Grand MasterWizzardy1505151,173Barracks of Balgass
5High ElfMazikeen241146,865Karutan 2
6Blade MasterPVPSTAR339109,430Arena
7Grand MasterChupekwa614100,945Karutan 1
8Grand MasterSALUTE47094,548Barracks of Balgass
9High ElfElfNgLife63494,092Barracks of Balgass
10Blade MasterTAGALABA45290,945Barracks of Balgass
11Blade MasterFourth41189,247Karutan 2
12Blade MasterTAGAHIWA26378,395Barracks of Balgass
13Blade MasterSecond30078,134Crywolf Fortress
14High ElfsELF58473,147Barracks of Balgass
15Blade MasterThird64069,949Crywolf Fortress
16Blade MasterSixth25067,519Crywolf Fortress
17Blade MasterFifth54661,699Barracks of Balgass
18Grand MasterK1N5E62961,655Barracks of Balgass
19Blade MasterSoma34759,032Barracks of Balgass
20Blade MasterMethane61457,277Arena
21Blade MasterFARMERIST37756,863Barracks of Balgass
22Grand MasterFARMERISH58255,933Barracks of Balgass
23Blade Master38th48154,589Arena
24Fist MasterSulfide47851,015Arena
25Blade Master33rd59449,539Barracks of Balgass