Long Term Server

This is the beginning. Come and Join Us. Download the full client and Register to get a freebies.

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Custom Items

Experience the new BloodAngel Gear.

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Awesome Community

Let's Bring Bring Back the Old Times. This is our Battle Grounds . Let's play and have some fun. Happy gaming to all of us.

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TOP Rankings
1Grand MasterxKAPOTx385180,370Karutan 2
2Grand MasterSamael241152,068Karutan 2
3Grand MasterChupekwa324117,647Barracks of Balgass
4Blade MasterONLiNE35554,751Arena
5Grand MasterOKITNAM36653,034Lorencia
6Grand MasterWizzardy164043,104Barracks of Balgass
7Grand MasterPERWlSYO36442,680Karutan 2
8Duel MasterCUTinHalf43642,119Arena
9High ElfMazikeen44540,971Karutan 2
10Grand MasterSMLockDown44239,633Tarkan
11Blade MasterPVPSTAR138,246Kanturu
12Grand MasterABCDDCB464037,563Lorencia
13Grand MasterK1N5E64036,356Barracks of Balgass
14Grand MasterReset52936,025Arena
15Blade MasterThird19730,788Arena
16Grand MasterWitcher24130,330Lorencia
17Blade MasterTAGALABA51930,156Barracks of Balgass
18Blade MasterIvanah44529,178Barracks of Balgass
19High ElfsELF60429,118Barracks of Balgass
20Grand MasterSALUTE32829,092Barracks of Balgass
21Blade MasterSILALATEG26128,500Karutan 2
22Grand MasterAbyssalSM39228,422Tarkan
23Blade MasterSoma62228,124Barracks of Balgass
24Fist MasterSulfide64027,723Arena
25Lord EmperorBossEyy53127,554Tarkan